Pistol In My Pocket by Dan Baker we saw a few submitted lists over 2013 passing . Quite remarkable because this record of the singer- songwriter from New England is very different from its predecessors Outskirts Of Town (2008 ) and Sad Song Junkie (2010 ) . Much rawer and hardly a classic singer- songwriter album. That ‘s all well in the vocals , which are much less calm and resigned , and the musical decoration which penetrates more in the foreground . Pistol In My Pocket sounds like a cry of despair , as if all Baker gȇne of throws off . Especially the first songs will be lovers of Baker ‘s earlier work might balk . For them , the farther down the album a lot more fun when the songs of Baker get something from an early Tom Waits . Recorded in a former temple of the Freemasons , which sometimes has achieved a spatial sound this Pistol In My Pocket In any case, a special plate , which Baker a new path appears to be taking . An intriguing record also that you are already doing wonder that Baker is next to come .

Hugo Vogel

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