I didn’t know what to make of Dan Baker at first on the title track of Pistol in My Pocket that comes off as a howling Beck imitation on one of his independent albums. Then things started to get good. “Threw Me Down the Well” is a blues number that comes across as an Americanized version of Nick Cave, thanks to the violin from Rob Flax. “Never Alone” and “Up On the Roof” are winners as spacey piano ballads that remind me of sitting out on my porch staring up at the stars. “Down in the Canyon” has kind of a later-day Dylan feel at times. On “She’s Not Going To Call,” Baker channels his inner Tom Waits with an added Americana touch on the outro. Baker’s best material is so raw it hits you straight in the gut on tracks like “Coming Home.” I didn’t know anything about Dan Baker before, but after listening to Pistol in My Pocket, I certainly want to know more!

Marc Clarkin

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  1. Why can’t critics (even phony critics) come up with anything useful or original to say? Bunch of name dropping pseudo comparison nonsense of who Dan may or may not sound like. Listen to the shit. It is original. It sounds like Dan Baker. I have failed to understand why no one useful (record executive type jerk off) has noted that over last 5 or more years… Marc (silly way to spell Mark) if you are someone or know someone, make yourself useful. Otherwise you get the idea…

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